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It’s in the DNA

A running joke among some of my friends, is that football must be a part of my DNA. For them, it is the only way for them to comprehend why I adore the sport so much as, if it were a family member. But that’s it, football is such an inherent part of my family, and it’s what I was raised on. Kick abouts in the garden with Grandad, listening to Radio 5 coverage in the car with Dad, cup final family parties, and spending weekends down at the football club ground with the rest of the local community.



Growing up in a small village, the football club often takes precedence as a source of local entertainment. This was in no way limited however to match days. If we weren’t at the ground watching a game, we were in the club house for birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, and any other excuse for a get-together. We knew everyone down at the ground as if they were family, from the players, to the groundsmen, to the tea ladies, to the club president. Back in the day, my dad had done his bit for the club in a few of these roles. At first he was the left-back, then manager, and then finally the groundsman.


So the first things I knew, were all connected with the local football club. Sitting in the changing room as a three-year old at half-time with my hands over my ears whilst my dad gave the team-talk. Struggling to watch the game over the white metal bar that marked the edge of the pitch. My dad lifting me over the fence that separated the ground from the neighbouring houses’ gardens that backed onto the ground, and having tea with the old lady that lived there, whilst my dad finished off marking out the lines. One memory that really sticks with me though, was walking to the High Street with my dad, and as we walked down the road, we always used to stop and chat with nearly everyone we bumped into. Of course in a small village there isn’t really anyone that you don’t know, but these were all people connected to the club, ex-players like my dad, someone who my dad coached, other people who helped out with looking after the ground. All members of the local community connected by football.


Crawley down gatwick F.C.

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October 17, 2014