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Football from the grassroots up
Viewing the world of football from the very start 2

Grass Rootsから視えるサッカーの世界 2

Ryota Yoshikawa,Instructor for Junior football club

Writing the Book of Tactics
Be it Japanese national team players, world famous players, J League stars, or Sunday pub league players. Whatever player you're talking about, and whichever league they've made it into, they've all bound to have come from some form of youth football. The enjoyment of playing football that young, the pure joy that comes from simply kicking a ball around, is without a doubt, the ‘grassroots’ of football.

Organising a team, or being out on the field of play, is like writing a book. The theme or story of the book, this is like the tactics of the game as a whole. The chapters are the tactics of the group. The sentences are the tactics of each individual player. Each word is a different skill. And like a chapter of a book, if the opinions and ideas fail to match up and are inconsistent, this is exactly the same as players that are unable to unite their efforts and fail to achieve success in a game or as a team overall. So much like a book’s theme, in a game, you need to establish some organisation and fundamental skills.

Just like the base of making a sentence in English requires a subject, verb and object, there are these kinds of basic models that exist in football. Priority of set-plays, using the side line to open up the centre, always being aware of where the goal is when defending. Just like it’s true for writing, if you don’t understand the fundamentals of grammar, you won’t be able to write a sentence that is worth reading. If the team doesn’t know the fundamentals of football, they won’t have a game worth celebrating. Establishing basic play principles and acquiring the fundamental skills in training, is like studying anything, such as basic grammar. If you can’t understand or appreciate why they’re necessary, you will never fully acquire them. What is your defence missing when they play? What more do the attackers need to score? If you don’t respect the necessity of the basics, training will never be productive and it will be hard to create anything, be it a book, a chapter, or even a sentence.

Even at primary school level football, just like writing, there are team tactics, basic concepts. The logical thinking that comes to us through playing football is the power to guess situations that can occur in a game, and it is from there I feel that you deduce what skills are fundamental for success on the pitch, and train from there, brushing up the basics first.



本が、章や文ごとに意見がバラバラではまとまらないのと同じように、ゲームやチームも1プレイごとに方向性がバラバラでは成立しません。本のテーマと同様に、チーム戦術が、ゲーム中の一つ一つのプレイや技術を規定するプレイモデルとなるのです。 また、英語の「S+V+O」などの基本構文のように、サッカーのプレイにも基本となる原則があります。例えば、「プレイの優先順位」「サイドを使えば中央のスペースが広がる」、「マークはゴールのある方向から行う」などです。基礎文法が分からなければ上手く文章が書けないのと同じで、サッカーも基本的な原則が分かっていなければ、上手くプレイすることはできません。



京都らくほくF.C. / Kyoto Rakuhoku F.C.

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July 9, 2014