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What is a ‘footy weekend’ exactly?

Whatever age, male or female, we all get excited about the approach of the weekend. As a member of the football community, this excitement no doubt spills out of you, whether you watch, play or support. That incredible sensation of being part of the crowd at the stadium, that split second after your team scores a goal, or that split second after you hit one in between the jumpers lined out on the grass. These are ‘footy weekend’ moments, and like a drug they’re addictive, and the next weekend can’t come around fast enough.

Why on earth Kyoto and Brighton?

The magnificence of the big leagues is well-known at home and away, but as the birthplace of football, England has so much other football culture to get acquainted with, an abundance of it in fact. And basically, why not start with Brighton and its surrounding teams, a city where football and local culture meet. On the other side of the globe, the same story is true - the J League of Japan has much to offer the football connoisseur, and like Brighton, Kyoto brings its own culture and history to the sport. Through showcasing the local football culture of each place, not only is there plenty of charm and things to discover, the two communities will connect, bringing more people together to share even more diverse tales of their ‘footy weekends’.

The point of making a football community is……?

Whatever your age, gender, no matter what box you tick on the census to classify what type of human you are, if you’ve got a ball or anything resembling a ball, you can join the football community. Furthermore, it isn’t called the ‘second global language’ for nothing. By harnessing the excitement of a footy weekend, and establishing football as the central pillar of a community, the potential for bringing people together - new mates, new team mates, new teams for that matter, well there’s a huge potential. And by bringing people together and building communities, the amount of people to share a footy weekend with will increase, surely making happier footy weekends, and everyday really.


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Articles to read and share

If you too are yearning for your next footy weekend, join our community and get your fix by reading the tales of others’ here. Or if you have a ‘footy weekend’ tale of your own that you would like to share with your community, please contact us about sending us your article.

Events and communities to create and join

For those that are looking to have a footy weekend, or join in the community in Kyoto(Japan) or Brighton (UK), contact us about events going on and ways to kick-off your weekend with your community. If you have any suggestions for ways to create a community or contribute to yours with events, please let us know - let’s have a kick-about together!

Corporate team mates

Companies and individuals that are looking to widen their connections within the community, are looking for customer or employee events to build stronger relationships, or are searching for ways to explore CSR, please contact us for communication event ideas and design services.

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